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  • Need to shift your organization from today’s ‘business-as-usual’ process flow to a new way of doing things?

Did you know that 30 years of research show a staggering and persistent 70+% FAILURE rate for this kind of shift?

Strategic Coaching:

Organizational Readiness For Change

What is the big deal?

Start with: How much of the success of your organization’s initiative depends on people adopting new approaches and adapting to new performance conditions? 10%? Maybe 30%? If it’s about process involving people, this number is necessarily large.

Now, for some simple math to gauge the value of Organizational Readiness for your process change.

1.   First, what is this change going to cost you in terms of the basics:

  • People (cost of your own and any outsiders),
  • Process (cost of performance decline, time spent getting ready by focusing time and attention away from normal day-to-day activities that pay the bills (like testing, training, meetings, travel, material production, etc.)), and
  • Technology (systems, equipment, upgrades, data mining, sunsetting)

2. Now, factor the % of success dependency gauged earlier with the cost you just considered.

Even as a notional number, what is your comfort level with risking that amount?

While you’re at it, do not ignore the related intangible additional costs from the hit on trust, confidence, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction if Organizational Readiness is left to chance.

You can – and arguably must – take the chance out of change.

Organizational Readiness. It is solely on the leadership team to make sure the organization is ready to take on “The New” with at least the same vigor, rigor, finesse, and performance of the current state aka As-Is aka “The Old Business-As-Usual.”

Organizational Readiness. Starting with the end in mind only works when you have these two elements:

  • A clear understanding of your current state and the measures used to determine your organization’s bill of performance health
  • A clear vision of the future state and the standards you will use to determine that you have ‘arrived.’

Organizational Readiness. When asking the team to change what they do or how they do it, this is your primary objective. It cannot be delegated or relegated.

WHY?!? Like it or not: This is the domain of those who have the power of reward. Period. If the leadership team does not regularly demonstrate – in solidarity – that this change DOES matter, it doesn’t.

It’s on You to make Change possible.

Managing the Root of Risk

Active and Visible Sponsorship

How does something SO boringly obvious continue to undermine best-laid plans? Great question!

The research findings remain consistent. And, the financial impacts are reported in the Billion$ of dollar$ (and growing!).

What IS clear? The costs, the irrecoverable impacts on customer satisfaction and employee morale, and the lost trust and declining confidence surrounding the leadership team.

What has NOT been clear – until now – is the tactical, practical approach for you to stay on the WINNING side of those statistics.

Our signature Organizational Readiness Framework© provides the guidance and tactics for the Win.

Strategic Alliance From Within

Leadership Accountability

Does your leadership team show up ‘on cue’ or ‘on purpose?’

The high stakes of the process change endeavor demand measured executive delivery – putting action into accountability – across 3 dimensions:

  • A shared vision of sustainable newness for the organization
  • A shared radar screen illuminating the plans and paths of every vector
  • An abiding commitment to actively and visibly support the vision and the plans to achieve it.

There are no spectators within the sphere of the change impact. Everyone is a player and must be held accountable for deliverables that enable success. And the leadership team as a whole plays the single most impactful part in a successful shift from “The Old” to “The New”.

Our framework and strategic guidance combine to deliver success in both achieving the objectives for a given project and establishing an enhanced standard for leadership performance.


And that is what gets modeled when you show up on purpose.

Fortify the Future

Developing ‘Leaders of Change’

The Organizational Readiness Framework© facilitates your organization’s success on two strategic fronts above and beyond fail-proof business process change:

  • Develop and build on a model of self-sufficiency in leading performance-enhancing change across the entire enterprise.
  • Enhance your leadership team’s strengths in and modeling of strategic planning, communication, integrity, humility, self-awareness, innovation, problem-solving, decision-making, collaboration, and courage.

Our framework and blueprint provide the foundation for a resilient, high-functioning leadership team capable of effectively and efficiently managing the one true constant in business – Change.


Leadership’s “will” prevails over organizational “won’t”.


Your Change Mission and The Lay of The Land

The critical success factors of your leadership team’s accountability for Organizational Readiness are:

  • Engagement: Visibility and activity undeniably supportive of the overall mission and its implications on individuals and organizations in its path
  • Motivation: Organization concerns addressed in allayment of fears surrounding “The New”
  • Mobilization: Implications of change and uncertainty are clearly understood and mitigated.

The Readiness Recon Roadmap© guides your tactical planning for leadership team responsibilities, deliverables, and timing, all for inclusion as formal entries in the master project plan.

And as a part of that plan, these items owned solely by the leadership team will be subject to the same scrutiny, assessment, reporting, and risk management practices used to manage the delivery of the entire project.


In the absence of this tactical foundation, ‘Hope’ becomes your strategy… and over 30 years of research suggests this is a losing bet when it comes to business process change.

Carla Lewis

I’m Carla Lewis

Owner, Curator, and Chief Strategist for The Change Portal™ and our signature Organizational Readiness Framework©.

Leveraging 40+ years in corporate America and twelve years as a consulting business owner, my dual-career path is grounded in 35+ years in Information Technology in concert with nearly 40 years (some of these ‘undercover’) in Organizational Change Management. This background lends itself to a  genuinely rich and unique perspective.

An award-winning speaker, holding an MS in Human Resource Development from The American University, and certified by PROSCI as a Change Management Practitioner, I bring considerable experience and knowledge to bear:

  • experienced, degreed, and certified in organization development and change management leadership
  • have been an insider and an outsider
  • have been an executive, a stakeholder, a leader, a business planner, a project manager, a project team member, and even a victim of failed project efforts
  • have developed and tested approaches and tools across many projects and audiences
  • have taught these methods and tools around the globe
  • am all about results and how to achieve them as influenced by these experiences and mindsets, with a track record that speaks for itself.

As a leader and decision-maker, you appreciate straightforward, no-fluff, tactical, practical, battle-tested thinking AND doing – the very essence of our core products and services.

To learn more about how we can assist you with organizational readiness, please click the button below to provide your contact information. 

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